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Getting Started

Designers were instructed to download these images and use one or more as the starting point of our fabric designs. Images could be manipulated in any manner and additional artwork could be used; but our designs must show a relationship to the original image that is recognizable, so the jurors and viewers can see the relationship between the photos and our designs.

About the Exhibition

Through a partnership with, entries were accepted through the Fabric of the Week Contest held at You can visit the Spoonflower contest page to see all of the guidelines for entries. Entries were in a digital fabric design, inspired by one of the photographs shown below. Entries were accepted through March 20, 2012. 

Voting for the Winning Entry

There will be two rounds of voting to determine which designer's fabrics will be selected for the exhibition. The first round has been completed and was a review of all the entries where a team of Spoonflower and Textile center staff chose the semifinalists based on the connection of their design to the chosen image and the exhibition theme. A second voting round is open to the public and YOUR votes will determine the top ten designs. The winning designers will have their fabric designs printed by Spoonflower and exhibited in the "Urban Sightings" exhibition in Textile Center's Community Gallery from April 25 - May 26, 2012.

Inspiration Photos

These photos were taken in and around the Prospect Park neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN where the Textile Center is located. A new light rail line is being constructed through the center of their neighborhood. This exhibition is to celebrate the art that can be found in everyday surroundings and the daily transition of the neighborhood landscape during this large construction project.


In addition to Spoonflower's Fabric of the Week Contest Prize of $50 in Spoondollar credits for each of the top ten fabrics (voted by the public), there will be a Jurors' Choice Award for "Urban Sightings" for one design to be selected by Textile Center and Spoonflower team. The designer whose work is selected for the Juror's Choice award will receive a full licensed copy of Adobe Photoshop CS5 (approximately $600 value).

Becky's design consisted of several layers:

Layer One

The base color: hot pink!

A favorite color of Becky's.

Layer Two

Rosettes were digitally "cut" from the inspiration photos.

This provided a hint of visual texture for the design's background.

Layer Three

Elements within the main design were used in the mid-ground to add interest and a bit of muted color.

Layer Four

The design's focal point. A landscape built from the imagination! Trees, flowers and a meandering path - ALL derived from the inspiration photos!

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